What is a Developmental Delay?

Developmental delay is when a child does not develop certain skills within an expected age range. Developmental milestones are broken down into five categories:

Examples of Normal Developmental Milestones

2 MONTHSFollows things with eyes, gets bored if nothing is happeningSmiles, looks at parentCoos, turns head towards soundsHolds head up and begins to push on arms when lying on tummyTurns head towards the stimulated side
4 MONTHSReaches for toys, inspects toys, recognizes facesCopies some expressions, cries when play stopsBabbles, copies some sounds, starts to develop different cry patternsSwipes at dangling toys, brings hands to mouth, pushes on legs when held uprightPats bottle
6 MONTHSShows curiosity in things out of reachLikes to look at the mirror, can tell family and strangers apartTakes turns babbling with someone else, begins to say consonants “m” and “b”Brings things to mouth, rolls back to front and front to back, begins sitting unsupportedUses tongue to move food in mouth, holds bottle
9 MONTHSDrops things and watches them fall, looks for hidden thingsPlays peek-a-boo, may be clingy and afraid of strangersResponds to own name, points to things, says “mamama” and “bababa”Pulls to standing, starts crawlingFeeds herself cheerios, bites food
12 MONTHSExplores things in different ways, like shaking, banging, throwing, points Repeats sounds or actions to get attentionResponds to simple requests, waves bye-bye, says “mama” and “dada”Pokes with index (pointer) finger, walks holding on to furniture, puts things in and out of the boxPuts out arm or leg to help with dressing, holds a spoon, takes off socks
18 MONTHSKnows the purpose of common tools: brush, spoon, points to one body part, follows one step commandsEnjoys handing things to others, explores with a caregiver in sight, begins to pretend play: feed a doll, drive a carPoints to show someone what he wants, points to the objects he wantsWalks, squats and stands up, goes up the stairs while holding a hand, goes down a slide, throws a ballFeeds self with spoon and fork, drinks out of a regular cup, lift feet up and reaches arms when dressing