• How do Live Video Sessions work?

    Live video sessions, otherwise known as “telehealth,” are therapy services provided to a customer via smart-phone, computer, or a tablet. It is a great alternative to clinic therapy sessions for many reasons:

    • In a clinic setting, parents usually watch a therapist work with their child. In a live video session,a therapist will help to select toys and guide a parent through an activity that encourages the development of a particular skill. That way, a parent makes a change in a child’s development while spending a fun packed quality time with their kids.
    • Live video sessions save time one would spend driving to the clinic and prevent weather related cancellations.
    • Live video sessions offer more flexibility in scheduling.
    • Your child will not get sick because someone has brought a stomach virus into the clinic and, also, allow your child to participate in a session when they are contagious.
    • If your child is shy, live video sessions work well because the therapist is “behind the screen.”
    • Older kids enjoy having a good reason to spend time with their tablets.