• Information for Providers

  • Developmental delays and autism are often under-diagnosed or under-treated

    1 in 4 children in the United States has a moderate or high risk of delays in development, behavior or society. [Boyle, C, Boulet, S, Schieve, L., et al. (2011). Trends in the prevalence of developmental disabilities in US children. UU., 1997–2008, Pediatrics, online, 1034-1042.]

    The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends a developmental and behavioral assessment with a standardized developmental assessment tool when a child is 9, 18, and 24 or 30 months old. Although there are specific ages at which screening is recommended, screening should be done at any age if you and / or the child’s family are concerned about the child’s development.

    Fewer than half of children with developmental delays identify themselves before starting school, at which time significant problems have already occurred and treatment opportunities may have been lost. [Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Child Development / Development Monitoring and Detection]

    How can we help your practice and patients

    We hope that your practice is to evaluate children routinely for developmental delays and refer children at risk for further evaluation. However, many doctors simply do not know all the conditions that may qualify children to receive additional funds and therapy. Relying solely on the use of developmental milestones and clinical judgment is not adequate to identify children at risk of developmental delay. It is strongly recommended to use a clinically validated screening tool. It is unfortunate that it is not recognized that many children have a developmental delay before starting school. We provide supplementary assessment exams to your office that only take a few minutes for parents to complete. We will evaluate the results of screening tests to determine which children have a higher risk of developmental delay. We can then administer assessments through live video sessions (telehealth) directly with their patients and their families to identify children at risk of delay and we can help relate these patients to available resources.

    We will be happy to discuss with your office how we can help you evaluate your patients at no cost to your office.

    Who we treat

    We are happy to see all pediatric patients aged zero to 18 in Texas. We will see any children concerned about the missing developmental milestones, children suffering from chronic medical conditions (any persistent illness of more than 12 months duration), children with a history of premature birth, children who may have autism spectrum disorder and more. Children do not need to have a formal diagnosis before referral since early therapy is useful for many conditions and should not be delayed. We are happy to see the children under the Texas Medicaid and CSHCN plans.  We are in-network with BCBS of TX, United Health Care, and we accept cash pay.