• Trouble at school?

    One in 10 children has a learning disability. Children do not know how to communicate the difficulties they experience at school to their teachers or parents. When children experience difficulties at school they often “act out” their frustrations. Some kids goof around, some tantrum, and some, shut down. Has your child ever been called:
    Class clown? Disruptive? Shy? Defiant?
    Sometimes kids act out in class not to draw attention to themselves, but to draw attention away from things with which they are struggling. They clown around to hide challenges.
     We specialize in identifying and treating learning issues with children. We can evaluate your child by a live video evaluation to determine if your child may need additional help.
    Please complete this form if you would like to discuss your child’s issues with us and then we can arrange a free consultation with you to determine if we may be able to help.
    Our services may be covered under your insurance if your child qualifies for treatment.